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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Books and Chooks

 Cheap books and free shipping worldwide? How can i resist? Yes im feeling guilty with Angus & Robertson going bust because its the only decent bookshop in Darwin (bugger it!) but if you cant beat em....
 Ive been eyeing off this book for some time and its got lots of inspiring wonky style quilts which is just my thing at the minute - i dont actually read the text - i just look at the pictures!
 My boy spied this one and now wants a "chook blanket".  Its not a very good photo but they are wonky style chooks and it is very cute!
 The wonky star is sewed together , i need fabric for the back just dont know what! Any suggestions?
and heres a sneak peek at what im making at the minute

Hope your weekend has been good!