Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Coupla Quilts...

Its been so long in between posts lately and sometimes i think i probably shouldnt bother  but i do love sharing my makings with you guys.  Ive been pretty busy with other things like painting my house (still) and Im on a mission to loose weight and get myself fit!   I signed up for the 12wbt and am going to the gym 3 days a week (and loving it!),  and four weeks in ive lost 5kg! Amazing - i tell you!   Anyway the first couple of weeks i felt like crap and couldnt get anything done but now im starting to feel pretty good and have been busy at the machine....

I cut into my Children at Play fabric the other night and made up a little boys' "bunting quilt". The colours and prints in this fabric line are just gorgeous and have a vintagey feel to them.

I finished off this little quilt, im in love!  I used some gorgeous japanese prints in this, with some Denyse Schmidt fabrics and a pink linen / cotton.  Its got very simple quilting and a lovely purple/mauve chenille on the back.  I tried something different with this quilt in putting rounded corners, which i thought could prove to be quite difficult but was really simple actually - you just need bias cut binding - i really love how its finished it off.  I cant take credit for the design though, ive copied it from one of my favourite Japanese craft books - shameless i know!

....And lastly i have completed the quilting on Ella's quilt, just need to decide on a binding and its all good to go!

Hope you are getting in some crafty time...
enjoy your week!