Thursday, August 25, 2011

A blog post...

Yes, its been a while, i have been busy though!  Painting my house upstairs has kept me out of mischief for a bit, but i have been keeping a little bit crafty.  I made my first etsy sale! Yay, a custom quilt for a lovely lady. Ive also completed another row on my daisy chain sampler.  Not real mad on the colour M but we'll see how it looks all finished.

I had a play with some cute fabrics and made this little quilt top.  I really love those Denyse Schmidt prints with the baby pink!

I also had a lovely parcel of yummy fabrics arrive, Ive been waiting very impatiently for these but so worth it.  This is some of the Children at play fabric by Sarah Jane.  She has an etsy shop with her gorgeous illustrations and she has now branched out into fabric. Im so glad!

Little boy fabrics are hard to find unless your into garish dinosaurs - i just LOVE these prints!
I can see a little boys bunting quilt in these.

...and little girls dont miss out either!

Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pretty purses

 I made a couple of little purses and just about tore my hair out trying to fit the specialised purse frame, but to no avail. : (  I thought it was just me but my second attempt failed as well.  Fortunately it wasnt wasted and i was able to use a couple of standard purse frames to finish the purse (phew!).  

 I think they are cute though

this is an attempt at doing some funky modern patchwork like this clever lady does over here : )

 Still going on the sampler, the second row is complete.  It hasnt been without hiccups either.  i pricked my finger and bled on it so dabbed at it with water and the ink bled too.  I ended up throwing it in the washing machine - eeek!

It was Ok came out all good ....