Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stitching Away...

Ive been slowly stitching away on the alphabet sampler. 

Ive always loved embroidery, stitching little flowers on here and there...

excuse all the creases...

This would be the first big embroidery project i have ever tackled.  I am really enjoying it, some of my stitching is a bit ordinary in spots but i think it is improving as i go along.

The original pattern uses crewel wool, but i have substituted with dmc floss and picked my own colours

I think the permanent marker i have used isnt fine enough, i can see bits of marker peeking out from under my stitching which spoils it a bit, ( but i spose its only if youve got your nose right up to it... )

The colours are really soft and pretty and im thinking of making a quilt using this palette. Ive ordered some fabric, (cos one can never have enough! ) and am waiting for it to arrive.  In the meantime I'll keep stitchin' away!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Th Vegie Patch...

Im linking up with the Quilting Pyjama Queen herself Shay for Favourite things Friday.  Im a bit late - hope she doesnt give me detention ; P

 Anyway, Favourite Things Friday is a linky party where you can share your favourite things and today i wanted to share with you my vegie garden.

 Our vegie garden is under water by the end of the wet season which is good for things like kang kong but makes it hard to grow (and access) other vegies!  This year we made some raised beds with all old building materials and bits of junk, which had the added benefit of cleaning up the yard at the same time.

 We filled the beds with piles of composted garden waste  and covered with some old bales of mulching hay. I ordered a big mob of seeds from Eden Seeds and the kids and I spent time planting and potting up seeds and seedlings.

All our excess seedlings i have given away to the preschool or to friends and neighbours : )

 We are now starting to harvest some vegies such as zucchini, snake beans, coriander, tomatoes, basil, bok choy, radishes, ceylon spinach, chillies....

This time of year i love to grow pretty cottage plants such as zinnias, cosmos, marigolds and those lovely big sunflowers. They make me smile!

What makes you smile? Head over here to link up with your favourite things...

Happy Weekend!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday (on a Monday)

I spent the WHOLE day in my pjs on Saturday, and did a bit of sewing so i thought i would link up with Margs Pyjama Party on Sunday. But i didnt have any photos to share so im linking up today. Its still Sunday somewhere in the world isnt it?

My niece isnt she gorgeous!

A photographer friend, Sarah came out during the week and took some (LOTS) of photos of the kids.   We dressed them up in my market clothes and had fun styling some shots. Ive seen some of the photos and they are gorgeous! The photos above are MY crappy ones!

 On Saturday I made a cute camera strap for Sarah. 
Gorgeous Fabric, Patchwork, Chenille, Ruffles 
what more could you want?
Hope she likes it!

My other crafty endeavours include a lovely embroidery sampler from Alicia Paulson. All of the kits were sold out so i bought the pattern ( i started a couple of weeks ago - its very slow going!)

I want to make a couple of these little purses and bought the frames

and ive started on a new quilt. My photography mate Sarah wants me to make her two girls a quilt each.
Scrappy, Strippy, Style!


and heres a recent fabric acquisition.  Im tempted to join in Lynnes Hexalong , im just a bit concerned about the hand sewing part LOL!

Ive also been busy stocking my new etsy shop.  i would love you to check it out and let me know what you think.  Its something i have been putting off forever - its so time consuming taking photos and listing stuff - but ive made a start and im really happy with it!

Only one week of school holidays to go!

have a great week,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

High Tea

I do like to collect the odd bit of vintage crockery or china. Mostly dinner plates and bowls, the sort of thing i can use on a daily basis.  I dont like hoarding lots of stuff i dont use but i do have a little cabinet that houses my small collection of mismatched vintage teacups.  They have no sentimental value or significance they are just something i like and  have picked up at opp shops or flea markets for a couple of dollars each.  So when Shay from Quilting in my Pyjamas suggested a high tea using all our lovely china and linens that we keep for 'good' and never use  i jumped on board, what a fun way to have morning tea!

There is something lovely in a pot of tea, the relaxed, unhurried version of it.  
and sipping from pretty dainty teacups makes the experience a whole lot better...

dont forget to poke your pinky out...

cupcake anyone?

These are the plates we use everyday, theyre too pretty to keep hidden away dont you think?

This is my favourite little plate, colourful daisies...  

Great idea Shay, i will definitely make a point of using the 'good' china more regularly!
 (just need to learn how to bake some scones!)  


Friday, July 8, 2011


  We have been having some beautiful dry season weather  and our vegie garden is starting to take off.
Everything is flowering and the kids visit every morning to pollinate the flowers on the pumpkins.  We are picking bok choy and radishes, zucchini,  heaps of parsley and basil, snow peas and coriander.

Its also been a really good year for bananas after our huge wet season.  Its good considering they are $12 -$13 a kilo for local bananas at the supermarket.  There would be a few dollars worth in this bunch alone!

 Weve been getting our kicks out of towing the billy cart around with the lawn mower, but some of us get a bit sad cos they cant reach the pedals....

so Dads the favourite this week after coming home with this...

Thanks Dad!

( youve saved my sanity!)