Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Spot Of Sewing

Yesterday i managed a spot of sewing and sewed up this little number... i love the fabric, the perfect shade of red and i do love red in case you hadnt noticed!

It is a simple a-line skirt  and i cut the pattern off an existing skirt.  There are no darts although i may be tempted to put some in the next one i make.

hiding in his mummas skirt!
 It has a simple binding waistband and i actually managed to insert a zip!
 ( and it looks half reasonable! ) 

 Ive always tended to shy away from sewing zippered clothing but after a couple of attempts at it ive worked out the method and i would attempt one again.

In other crafty news i have finished my quilt for the Down under doll quilt swap.  Its the first swap i have ever participated in and although im happy with the quilt i made i cant say i Really enjoyed the process. I found it a wee bit stressful making something for someone else - without really knowing their taste.  Im sure they will like it - Im putting in a few extra goodies just in case they dont!

Ive got four more blocks to go on the Single girl quilt, i will be glad to see this finished, its a huge quilt. Im planning to straight line quilt this one, theres a few done that way on flickr and they look fantastic.

  Anyway enough of my rambling, enjoy whats left of the weekend and have  a great week! x

A lovely surprise from a friend this week, arent they magnificent (in my new vase too!)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tip Shop Finds

Its been a little while since i ventured to my local and came home with an armload of goodies.  Yesterday i thought i would pop in and discovered some little treasures.

First up a west germany pottery vase in perfect condition and a gorgeous colour too...
i LOVE green!

A cute little gravy boat - southern stars its called

I also scored a  corning ware enamel teapot with infuser and a groovy glass platter with timber handles and a few willow style plates for my mum - she collects them.

This old office chair also came home with me , im hoping i can turn it into something fabulous with some new oilcloth and a good spit and polish - will keep you posted on the progress ( if there is any!)

For more great flea market finds visit Sophie,

Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you cant beat 'em...

May as well join in!

Ive seen some gorgeous pintoppers popping up in blogland and thought i might have a turn.

I had some sculpey left over from my little mirror projects and it keeps the kids amused for a bit - its school holidays here at the moment - and they come up with some weird and wonderful creations.

A little nest with a family of birds,

A remote control robot destroyer, ( ? )

and some little fairy house mushrooms and yummy cake ( you could just about eat it couldn't you? )

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