Pyjama Party Sunday (on a Monday)

I spent the WHOLE day in my pjs on Saturday, and did a bit of sewing so i thought i would link up with Margs Pyjama Party on Sunday. But i didnt have any photos to share so im linking up today. Its still Sunday somewhere in the world isnt it?

My niece isnt she gorgeous!

A photographer friend, Sarah came out during the week and took some (LOTS) of photos of the kids.   We dressed them up in my market clothes and had fun styling some shots. Ive seen some of the photos and they are gorgeous! The photos above are MY crappy ones!

 On Saturday I made a cute camera strap for Sarah. 
Gorgeous Fabric, Patchwork, Chenille, Ruffles 
what more could you want?
Hope she likes it!

My other crafty endeavours include a lovely embroidery sampler from Alicia Paulson. All of the kits were sold out so i bought the pattern ( i started a couple of weeks ago - its very slow going!)

I want to make a couple of these little purses and bought the frames

and ive started on a new quilt. My photography mate Sarah wants me to make her two girls a quilt each.
Scrappy, Strippy, Style!


and heres a recent fabric acquisition.  Im tempted to join in Lynnes Hexalong , im just a bit concerned about the hand sewing part LOL!

Ive also been busy stocking my new etsy shop.  i would love you to check it out and let me know what you think.  Its something i have been putting off forever - its so time consuming taking photos and listing stuff - but ive made a start and im really happy with it!

Only one week of school holidays to go!

have a great week,



Marg said…
I'm swooning over the beautiful fabrics and the absolutely gorgeous girls clothes.
I absolutely love the fabrics in the glimpse of the quilt, be still my beating heart!
I just checked out the sewing sampler, that is perfect too.
I'm running out of adjectives now.
I love what you have in your Etsy shop, unfortunately I don't know anyone with a young girl or baby. Maybe one day.
Melissa, it all looks lovely!! Love the apron skirt idea, gorgeous porgeous! Megan
wow!! love, love, love all of it. sarah's camera strap looks gorgeous as does the start of the quilt. your etsy shop looks so beautifully bright, your photo's are great.

p.s it's my birthday coming up soon, 11th of august, and i love those fortune cookie purses. just sayin'.

Sarah B said…
So many lovely things here! Im off to check out your Etsy store and will be sure to "heart" it :)
Bayside Rose said…
Look at all of that fabulous stuff. Your shop looks lovely.

I am re-opening my Etsy store in the next few days.

Pam x
Catherine said…
You have such a wonderful way of putting fabrics and colours together Melissa, they all look so gorgeous. I love the bright pink top with the doily and applique on it, it's very pretty and will definitely be a hit with little girls. Your etsy shop looks great too, so worth all the effort. xo
Shay said…
I wish I had girls to buy for .I'd buy you out of stock in a shot!Your etsy stuff looks wonderful.

The photos look pretty darn good too!
Bungalowgirl said…
Your clothes are gorgeous, love the apron skirt in particular. Sure the shop will sell out in a flash, melxx
Kate said…
How stunning are all those girlies!
And your clothes, wow! wow! wow!
Can't wait to see the good pics.
(and you too soon.)
Zane Wooder said…
I love the camera strip you made for Sarah. it is stunning. I love the blue balloons in it.

-Zane of ontario honey

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