High Tea

I do like to collect the odd bit of vintage crockery or china. Mostly dinner plates and bowls, the sort of thing i can use on a daily basis.  I dont like hoarding lots of stuff i dont use but i do have a little cabinet that houses my small collection of mismatched vintage teacups.  They have no sentimental value or significance they are just something i like and  have picked up at opp shops or flea markets for a couple of dollars each.  So when Shay from Quilting in my Pyjamas suggested a high tea using all our lovely china and linens that we keep for 'good' and never use  i jumped on board, what a fun way to have morning tea!

There is something lovely in a pot of tea, the relaxed, unhurried version of it.  
and sipping from pretty dainty teacups makes the experience a whole lot better...

dont forget to poke your pinky out...

cupcake anyone?

These are the plates we use everyday, theyre too pretty to keep hidden away dont you think?

This is my favourite little plate, colourful daisies...  

Great idea Shay, i will definitely make a point of using the 'good' china more regularly!
 (just need to learn how to bake some scones!)  



Sarah B said…
How beautiful! Your collection is fabulous and I love that you use them on a daily basis. Tonight I ate my dinner off a Roysl Doulton orchid pattern plate that I adopted from my 90 year old great aunt. She bought the china setting with her first pay packet when she was a young woman. It has been used by her ever since, up until I adopted it. I loved eating if it tonight, even if it was only baked beans on toast!
Marg said…
Oh I love your collection of mismatched cups, saucers and plates. I especially love the photo of them all stacked up.
Your pink table looks so pretty with the lovely tablecloth and setting.
I'd love a cupcake, thank you!
Rachaeldaisy said…
What a lot of pretties you have! Who needs scones when you have cup cakes. I'll remember to stick my pinky out, thanks for the reminder :-)
Shay said…
Your every day dinner set is such a beautiful idea. I love mismatched china. It just reeks of romance !

Love those cupcakes ( I bet you made yours-unlike me )

Your table looks fabulous (pink? really? I want one!) and I see you went all out and did flowers too. Love your blue teacup ...that's my favourite.

I agree there was something relaxing about taking the time to sit and chat and sip tea (with my pinkie firmly stick out ) that just made it taste better.

I vote we all come to your place next time because it looks like you know exactly what you were doing!
I adore all your mismatched cups and plates and I love that you use them all. I agree everyday deserves to be special. Your cupcakes look yum too!
Flower said…
I am loving you beautiful blog, my favourite thing is your AMAZING single girl quilt. Just stunning...Jealous much I say! And drooling! xx
Catherine said…
I love your collection of beautiful cups and plates, absolutely way to gorgeous not to use. High tea is fun to do isn't it! xo
herbal tea said…
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Bungalowgirl said…
How gorgeous, I think it's time for a tea party over here at Betsy's. melx
angelmenny said…
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