We have been having some beautiful dry season weather  and our vegie garden is starting to take off.
Everything is flowering and the kids visit every morning to pollinate the flowers on the pumpkins.  We are picking bok choy and radishes, zucchini,  heaps of parsley and basil, snow peas and coriander.

Its also been a really good year for bananas after our huge wet season.  Its good considering they are $12 -$13 a kilo for local bananas at the supermarket.  There would be a few dollars worth in this bunch alone!

 Weve been getting our kicks out of towing the billy cart around with the lawn mower, but some of us get a bit sad cos they cant reach the pedals....

so Dads the favourite this week after coming home with this...

Thanks Dad!

( youve saved my sanity!)


wendy hill said…
This post has brought back a few memories for me of fights over being the smallest. Its a hard life....
he must be the happiest kid on the planet now, x
Marg said…
This winter the weather has been fabulous here too. It's a nice change from pouring rain, floods and mould.
Your vegie patch is looking great. I've had to pollinate my cherry tomatoes as there are no bees around.
That looks like a lot of fun, what a nice dad!
woohoo motorbike man! vegie garden looks fantastic, i'll have to come and do my vegie shopping at your place.

Raine and Sage said…
Check out those bananas!! Your vegie garden is wonderful. How fantastic to have such wonderful produce at your fingertips.
I know my son would love to ride on that bike.
Sarah B said…
Wow, look at those bananas! That's fantastic. Your garden is doing so well. Too cold down here at the moment but hopefully I'll get mine growing again soon :)
Bungalowgirl said…
I cannot show Roboboy that mini quad, ride ons are his main love in life. That big grin says it all really doesn't it. Perhaps a smaller hat so he can see where he is going? Your garden looks great, can you share what the trick is with pollinating the pumpkin flowers as our vine carked it recently without producing a single specimen. melx
Shay said…
If you have free bananas Im coming to visit! In addition to the sun you have there those bananas are enough to make me your new bestie.

Your garden looks fabulous - seriously. I really must give some consideration to getting off my lazy butt and planning a vegie garden.

Thank goodness for ride on lawnmowers abnd about school holiday sanity savers!

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