Whilst ive been rather slack on the blogging side of things ive have actually done a teeny bit of sewing, the latest being a little tunic style dress for my daughter.  The pattern is a PDF from here.  Its a fairly straightforward pattern with a gathered bodice and flared sleeves. No buttons or zippers  - Yay!

I added a little doiley pocket just because...

I also finished this off a couple of weeks ago.  I really love how this turned out and wanted it for myself for a snuggle quilt on the couch but the four year old has claimed it.  

I used my favourite binding (again!) and backed it with my favourite vintage sheet

and probably the most exciting thing thats happened to me lately was receiving this magnificent mini masterpiece as part of the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap!   I was blown away when i opened the parcel!   This was made by the amazingly talented Kirsty of kootoyoo, check out those tiny hand stitches!  Just gorgeous!

Hope youre having a lovely weekend, school holidays have just begun here and im having a stall at the local market tomorrow. They are holding the inaugural "Feral Womens Festival" so hoping it will be a good day,  Should be fun!


Did you frame that mini-quilt or is that how it came? Either way, I love how it's framed! It looks exquisite.

You've been away too long ... now you're back you're getting me all inspired again! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
Sarah B said…
Your work is just stunning! It makes me want to sew -pity I'm so lazy!!! No really, I need to make some draught sausages before winter is over.
What a great win too, there's something really nice about tiny hand stitching. Really sweet.
Amanda Makes said…
Oh Melissa, such beauty!!! Everything is gorgeous but I'm particularly smitten by the dress! I love yellow! Do you know, I still haven't cut into my fabric that you sent me. I love it too much! Do you know what I mean? I just stroke it and look at it then put it day.... Loads of love, chick. Amanda xxxxx
Gina said…
Now that was a post full of eye candy! I'll be bookmarking that dress pattern for future reference.
Catherine said…
You have been very busy:) I love the dress you made for your daughter and the pocket is so so sweet, she'll love dancing around in this dress. And your star quilt is beautiful. The colourful stars against the neutral background is really effective. I hope one day you get to claim one of the quilts for yourself:). Have fun at the market tomorrow. xo
Jules said…
Love that quilt! Love how the grey is the main colour with the flashes of colour really bringing it to life. Brill!
Shay said…
I lurveeeeee the lace pocket on the dress. How cute does that look!

Your wonky stars is a work of art. Truly truly gorgeous.

I cant see you fitting into the Feral Womens Festival at all. You're way too classy!
Karen said…
The dress is cute! Love the pocket. Its a really lovely touch. However I absolutely adore your star quilt. It is awesome. Its hard to beat a great star quilt.
Raine and Sage said…
That mini quilt, with it's mini pegs, and framed is gorgeous! I can see my three year old in that dress. Not today when I'm freezing cold, and rugged up, but in a few months when we move to Darwin. Can't wait!!
I'd like a quilt like your 4 year old. Beautiful.
Rachaeldaisy said…
Now that is a doll quilt worth waiting for!!! I love your starry quilt, I love your stipple quilting. Have fun with your stall. Pretty little cosmos flower!
Marg said…
I don't know how I missed this. I love the dress and the lace pocket is gorgeous.
The star quilt is beautiful, a work of art.
What a wonderful doll quilt, it's just perfect in the frame.
The doily pocket is a sweet little touch on the dress. And the quilt is gorgeous - the stars just 'ping' out at me!
Teresa x
Bungalowgirl said…
Love that dress, the doily pocket works really well. Have been missing all your inspirational sewing capers. melx

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