Happy Mothers Day!

to all the Mums out there, thanks for doing such a wonderful job and i hope you have a special day today!

On Friday evening we set up market at Palmerston,we had a great night and got lots of positive feedback and chatted with some really lovely people.

  If you are in Darwin the Palmerston Markets on Friday evening are buzzing - yummy food, coffee, live entertainment, free kids activities.  i will be there every fortnight with lots of gorgeous fabrics and handmade clothing, quilts and other lovelies!
i finished my cushion for the cushion swap. i used an opshopped wool blanket on the back and bound in a vintage sheet. im really pleased with how it finished up.  Hope my partner likes it too.
and lastly my helpers and i have drawn a winner for my little blogiversary giveaway and the winner is...
drumroll please...
... Tracey!
 Thankyou!  if you send me your details i will post off your pressie!

Im linking up again with Margs PJ Party, pop over and see what she's been up to...

Have a great day all you mums out there!



Happy Mother's Day, Melissa. I hope the kidlets look after you. Just being told they love you is enough, really.

Your stall looks beautiful. So clever.

Did you make that grey ruffled dress too? I'm liking it!
Marg said…
Happy Mother's Day Melissa, your stall looks fabulous.
I love your banner.
I have to ask too, did you make the ruffled dress, because it is very nice indeed.
I love your cushion, and the back is so nice with the grey wool and the binding and button detail, lovely!
Congratulations Tracey.
Nice stall - lots of pretty colours. Hope you did well.

There's a craft market today at the waterfront for Mothers Day. We're heading there now.
congratulations tracey!

happy mothers day melissa!

Rachaeldaisy said…
Happy Mother's Day! Your stall looks so beautiful. I really want to visit Darwin one day, if I do I'll make sure it's when you're at the market so I can say hello. Your cushion is so special!! Your partner is going to LOVE it!!! Congrats to Tracey!!
Trace said…
oh lucky, lucky me, thank you little helper! xxxTrace
Bungalowgirl said…
Your stall looks gorgeous, I love the quilt in the background and the clothwork quilted bunting. Hope you did well and your kidlets fussed over you today. Melx.
Shay said…
Way to go Tracey. Congratulations.

Melissa I so wish I had an excuse to be there this year because your stall looks divine. I want to buy pretty much one of everything.

The cushion for the swap is GORGEOUS. Your partner is going to be utterly thrilled.

Hope your day was every bit as fabulous as you are!
Catherine said…
I hope you were spoilt yesterday and got lots of cuddles and homemade cards. Your stand looks great, you've got lots of pretty things there to buy I hope that it's all going well. Have a good week. xo
Raine and Sage said…
I'm planning a Darwin visit in a few months, so I'm going to come up and give you a big "hello" at the Palmie markets. Your stall really does look gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it in person one day.
That cushion. I love it! Son with red colander. I love that too.
Carmel's Closet said…
Your stall looks lovely. We just missed you. We spent a wonderful holiday in Darwin over the Easter holidays.
Good luck with your market season.

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