Ive been a busy girl the past few weeks....
....organising and making stuff for my martket stall which starts next Friday evening (Palmerston Markets).  I'll have  fabric, ribbons, t shirts, quilts, hair clips, pin cushions and pin toppers for sale on my table.  Kirsty will be joining me with her gorgeous creations too. It should be fun! I hope we sell some stuff!
....I signed up for a cushion swap, this one should be fun because i know my partner Loves vintage sheets , Yay!
 (The beginnings of a cushion cover.  i also made a little sherbet pips mug rug - too cute!)
.....We od'd on chocolate, thanks Easter Bunny!
.....and started our dry season vegie garden, 
cant wait for yummy fresh vegies!
12 months ago today i started off on this little blogging adventure, and its sure been fun.  Ive 'met' some wonderful people and been inspired by so many talented crafters out there, i feel really privileged to be a part of such a wonderful and widespread online community! So as a thankyou im having a little giveaway , just leave a comment on this post and i will draw a winner by some means next Sunday!

The prize? oh i dont know something lovely!

have a great week!

PS Im linking up with Marg's Pyjama Party! You can join in the fun too!



RobynK said…
That year went quickly! Love your markets 'display' and wondering what is on the front of the little t-shirts. The grin accompanying those easter eggs says it all, lol. Off to see what Kristy is offering as you've piqued my interest :).
Sarah B said…
I'm sure your market stall will be a success. I'd definitely visit it if I could :)
Congrats on your 1st blogiversary!
Rhiannon said…
Those fat quarters (I'm assuming) of fabric on your market table look delicious! Your cushion swap partner is very lucky.
Rachaeldaisy said…
Your market table looks good enough to eat!! So does that golden egg!! Lucky cushion swap partner. The mug rug is a sweetie. I'll show my partner pictures of your garden beds, he'll be impressed! Happy 1st blogiversary to you!!(sung like the happy birthday song)
wow, that year really did fly by! your market table looks fantastic, as do the quilt and mug rug, kids and gardens!! you have been a busy girl!

Marg said…
Congratulations on your Blogiversary.
You really have been busy haven't you, I love the cushion and the mug rug. Your market table looks fabulous, pity I'm so far away.
Love that gorgeous grin and the huge Easter egg.
Thank you for linking to PJ PS
peskypixies said…
Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!
Bungalowgirl said…
Goodness, you have been busy! Loving your market table, lucky I don't live closer or I could just come and snaffle up the lot. Love how you use pink and that taupe brown together with the other pastels, looks gorgeous. Coun't me in for the giveaway, whatever it is I'm sure it will be beautiful. Congrats on a year of blogging, keep up the wonderful creativity. Melxx
Catherine said…
You have been very busy:) All of your wares look fantastic. I love your choice of fabrics and colours, they're always so pretty. Congratulations on your bloganniversary, anything you make will be lovely. xo
Bayside Rose said…
Your goodies look divine. So clever.

Congrats on your first bloggy birthday,
Pam x
Jules said…
I've not long found your blog but am really enjoying it. I only started blogging last month and am loving it! I'm sure the year for me will swing round quickly enough!
Shay said…
Happy Blogiversary Melissa. So glad we met through blogging.

I ove the goodies you're going to be selling and have no doubt you;ll be a rip roaring success. I wish I could be there to cheer you on! Have a laksa for me.

That cushion cover is so cute!
Amanda Makes said…
Happy blogiversary Melissa! I was just wondering where you'd got to and now I know! You've been so busy! It all looks scrumptious! I'm about to cut into some of my Flower Sugar but I'm so scared! I'm enjoying stroking it and looking at it so much! Maybe next week then! xxx
Wow Melissa, your goodies look great. I wish I could come by and spent some money.I hope lots of people will come and buy. Good luck!
.Congratulations on your blogiversary.
Imby said…
love catching up on your blog and seeinghow usy you've been, have a great market
Tracey said…
wow, happy anniversary! Your market stall looks fab, I would definitely be roving over to take a peek at your wares.
How exciting for you.. A market stall!
Sarah said…
Oooohhh, you're from Palmerston (or maybe Darwin)? Cool! I'm a Brisbane girl myself, born and bred, but I visited Darwin for the first time last year and LOVED it! Unfortunately I was only there for three nights (it was a work thing), so I didn't get much of a chance to look around the area, but I did get to go to another market on the Beach at night on a weeknight. It was fantastic. I love the Asian feel of the place. Anyway, sorry, very long comment! Your doll quilt for the swap is lovely by the way! Cheers, Sarah
the garden looks fabulous!! I admire your motivation :)

Nikki x
Raine and Sage said…
Gosh just catching up, and your garden makes me so happy. Getting really cold here, and I wish it was only 'dry season' cold, but no, it's more.
Love to see how your vege patch goes and what you produce! My Mum has lemongrass that she has to give regular crew cuts; and it keeps on providing over and over.
Raine and Sage said…
PS - BIG congrats to you on your blog anniversary!
Sally said…
I'm a bit behind on reading - how did it go @ the market?

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