Goodness , its been a while since i last posted , i think i misplaced my mojo for a bit .  How are you? Things are pretty quiet around here which is a blessing considering all of the terrible events happening about the world. Its still raining though and im starting to wish for the dry season.  Im over the mould and mud - i got bogged in my driveway this morning taking the kids to school!
Ive got a little bit of show and tell for you, i finished the VW cushion and gave it to my gorgeous niece for her 18th birthday.....I know... what sort of person gives their niece a cushion for their 18th???? Well, i can tell you that she loves it and thinks i am the best aunty!
I have made progress on my Single Girl Quilt. Its been fun joining in on this quiltalong even though i started way late and ive enjoyed checking out everyones version of it . So far i have completed two full blocks. Im making a queen size so need 16 blocks. Im through the worst of it cutting the templates and piecing the rings just need to sew up another 14 blocks. I really like it so far. This one is for my bed.
Ive also signed up for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  I got my secret partner and since i dont have any set ideas for this ive just been playing around.
 I made a dresden , as well as some mini kaleidoscope blocks and some wonky crosses.  I havent decided what i will use maybe something completely different!
Wishing you a great weekend!



Marg said…
I absolutely love your cushion. It's wow, fabulous, the details are just wonderful.
I love the dresden too, which fabrics have you used for that?
16 blocks, wow, and good luck. I do not have the patience to do that! Yours is looking great!
The cushion is beautiful! I'm sick of the mould too! I noticed my book shelf growing green fur last week :-(
More beautiful makes from you Melissa. Love the cushion, lucky niece.

Did you get my message about the award?
Bayside Rose said…
Such a clever lady - that cushion is so gorgeous. Your quilting is stunning!
Pam x
Rachaeldaisy said…
What a fun cushion!! I love the dresdan!! The fabrics are stunning! If I'm your partner I'll have that thanks.
Maree: said…
It's Raining today here on the GC hope it has eased up for you...
Love your Cushion it's Fabulous..all the little details so Cool!
that Dresden is Gorgeous..and I'm liking your SGQ..might look into that one...
hope you have a Dry Weekend.
kirsty said…
really love the colours in your dresden, they look fantastic together! your single girl quilt is tdf! and of course the vw is just gorgeous! love. it.

Shay said…
The cushion cover is nothing short of stunning. I think it's very cool that your niece thought it was a rocking present for an 18th. I only have nephews and they think anything handmade is kind of bogan.

Love the single girl quilt - is that Dream On I spy in there?

Nice to see you back. Have fun playing round with ideas for your swap.
Sarah B said…
The VW cushion is just gorgeous! I'm not surprised your neice loves it. Good luck with your big quil, that's a lot of sewing!
Have a lovely weekend!
Raine and Sage said…
Excellent Aunty work - what a beautiful gift. I even zoomed in to examine more closely. Seeing as I've just completed week 3 of sewing lessons, and only close to finishing my first skirt, my appreciation of your work is only increasing. I marvel at your skills!!
My Mum is not coping with the constant rain either. Apparently to damp to dry the washing!
Raine and Sage said…
PS - Hope you're not turning into mouldy cheese!
Bungalowgirl said…
Love all your cushions,colour mix is fantastic. Presuming you have made the lot- that little blue crochet number is a treat. The quilt looks so intricate - quite scary and intimidating for a non quilter. Can't wait to see the end result.
All absolutely gorgeous Melissa!!! That is one very lucky niece!!
Bungalowgirl said…
Thanks so much for your crochet advice- I had just forgotten where in the treble I was meant to go but had just worked out to go through the top stitch when you posted so it reinforced I was on the right track. Looking forward to it all getting more familiar with less stuff ups and going round in circles!
m.e (Cathie) said…
you are the best aunty Melissa!! that cushion is amazing.

love love the bunting aswell on it ♥

p.s I have been a little slack with replies, I just wanted to thank you for leaving such sweet words when I needed them.
big hugs to you ♥

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