I got this quilted finally, i started this back here and stalled for a while but im loving it now! I havent even put the binding on yet, (i need to buy extra fabric) but its on the kids bed and he's giving it the kiss of approval!
 With all of the rain we had it was getting quite cool of a night and i had to pull out the musty old doonas that have been in hibernation for the last 8 months.  It spurred me on to get this finished.  The boy is the only one without a mum made quilt on his bed. But not any more!
 I used a brand new vintage sheet on the back and stipple quilted it all over. I think he is trying to give it the thumbs up!
 When i set myself up to start freemotion quilting i need to adjust the tensions on my machine and so i make these little quilt sandwiches to test it on. Some turn out quite good and i bind them to make little coasters/ mugrugs.
 There's only so many coasters one woman can use!
 So i came up with this quick and simple idea of making it into a needle case!
 One piece of felt cut to size
 And sewn through the middle!
Doesnt get any easier than that hey? I will use this one to house my embroidery needles because they always seem to dissappear!

 These rings of fabric are destined for my Single Girl quilt.  Its mostly a fat quarter set of Dream On as well as a few vintage sheet fat quarters which coordinate. Thats a vintage sheet up the top for backing and natural linen/cotton for the background. 
Theres a Single Girl Support Group over here, the quiltalong has already begun, but since ive only just purchased the pattern from the US , im gonna be miles behind! Im making a date with Bianca to get the templates/ fabrics cut which will be fun and its good to see what combos everyone else is coming up with!
Hope youre having a crafty day!


kirsty said…
wow, you are a busy girl! love the quilt on the kids bed, looks smashing. your mug rugs are a treat and you're clever to think up the needle case. i guess we are all getting one for christmas now are we? needle cases that is! lovely.

kirsty said…
or a mug rug. i'm not fussy!

Kelly said…
love the "kiss of approval"!!! It is an awesome quilt! Love the needle case idea too, I was just about to rig up a sandwich to check my tension before I start on the monster, might make it a pretty one for a change ;)
Bayside Rose said…
Isn't he just gorgeous - kissing the quilt Mum made?

Love the quilt and the needlecase -great idea.

Glad I am not the only one with a cheeky sister :) :)

Pam x
Trillemus said…
Wonderful things you make. Have a nice day.

Mette from Denmark.
I'm laughing because the quilt I'm making is so ridiculously ridiculous compared to yours.

If I ever see you at the Darwin shops I'll scream "This woman is a quiltmaking genius!".

Your children's room is gorgeous, by the way. Aren't louvres great looking?
willywagtail said…
Do you know I got dizzy looking at your rings of fabric. I think I'll stick with straight sewing. lol Love all those pretty coaster. Cherrie
Marg said…
The quilt is gorgeous, so cute that he is kissing it and giving the thumbs up, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
I love your mug rug/ needle case idea, and like Kirsty, I'm not fussy which one you send me for Christmas, lol!!!!
Absoloutely adore that quilt - I'd be kissing it and giving it the thumbs up too!
Steph said…
Your quilts are sooo inspiring! My next quilting project is going to be a vintage sheet quilt. You little man looks super chuffed with your wonderful effort. Gorgeous!! Wishing you a happy week :) x
Catherine said…
Your boy looks so happy to have his very own quilt made by his clever mum, very cute:) I love your needle cases too, what a clever way of using up those quilt testers. xo
Shay said…
Love the idea of turning a mug rug/coaster into a needle case. Genius!

Your latest quilt is blooming lovely! Glad to see it got the kiss of approval.

Your "pracice " meandering actually whips my meandering on my best day..I am still at the let's practice on something that will never see the light of day stage ...but I am perservering and will eventually be able to turn something out that looks almost as good as all your lovely creations. Maybe.

And I still love those fabrics too...
Leah Grace said…
Great idea making use of your practice sandwhiches. They look great as coasters!
deep vats said…
nice color of clothes and bed sheet

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Tracey said…
looks amazing, i love your quilts!
Raine and Sage said…
Well at the risk of a Clothwork love-fest from me... I love your work! Wow your quilt is stunning, and on the bed amazing.
Glad the little fella isn't left out anymore.
gillyflower said…
Love your latest quilt - the colors are very cheery!One happy little boy!

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