Wow, 530 mm of rain ( courtesy of Cyclone Carlos ) since Monday and we havent floated away!
(Poor old Fluffy looks like a drowned rat) 
we had a torrent of water running between the two buildings

We lost quite a few big gums, about 10 of them  fell over on Wednesday all about the place, just uprooted from all of the water.  I was most concerned about this one  but it stayed put thank goodness!
 This one is right across our gateway this morning , so were not going anywhere ( not that we can - all the roads are cut anyway!)

Im grateful my pawpaws are still standing  especially this one as its a hermaphrodite which means it has both male and female flowers and apparantly produces excellent fruit. 

 We did lose quite a few bananas though.  Fortunately we picked a bunch a few days ago and ripened them up and today i will put them in the food dryer.  Home grown dried bananas are the best and dont last long around here - they are just like lollies! 
With all of the rain i havent been able to do much apart from sewing! and completed this little quilt yesterday. 
Youre probably all groaning (not another one!)
he he you didnt think i would do a post that didnt involve sewing now did you! 
I used flower sugar fabrics with natural linen/cotton  from here , a bamboo/cotton batting and backed it with chenille.  I finished it with some really simple quilting and a polka dot binding. It is so soft and snugly and will go into my little shop. Couldnt resist and made a label - i love this and think it will be a special finishing touch for all my quilts! 

Hope you are having a creative day,
take care x


kirsty said…
the quilt is amazing, not that we'd expect anything else now would we!! love the flower sugar fabric in it with the linen and chenille. so glad none of those trees damaged your house. we lost our big paw paw - bugger! the bananas are still standing luckily as they have just fruited. so far so good here.

kirsty said…
p.s is that Woody above in those photo's with the fallen trees? yes, yes i think it is, please say hello from his faithful fan club here.

Do you have an army of small people who sew for you through the night?

How can you do them so fast?

You live on a fabulous property! I love your houses ... I did think of you when I heard it was raining buckets up there. It looked a biot hairy for a while!
Renee said…
Gee I love your stuff Melissa! All your quilts are gorgeous and I love the gorgeous labels - a work of art in themselves! Love the chenille backing too. I have collected some chenille bedspreads from the oppy for backing quilts, I just need to put the crochet away for a while and spend some time with the sewing machine! You seem to pump out those quilts so quickly - amazing! I hope there's no more rain up your way for a while and that Kirsty doesn't get flooded.
Blimey, Melissa, such devastation and I've just read your post about your sister. I hope she's OK. When will it all end?

Love the quilt and the label!
Marg said…
Gee I'm thanking my lucky stars that we didn't have trees down when we got all that rain last month. So glad to see you are all ok and hope you can get those trees moved soon.
The quilt is beautiful, and I rally love your label. You certainly have been very productive.
Sally said…
Good luck withstanding all the rain. Paw paw are my favourite. Awww... I'm wanting one desperately now and thinking fondly of the times when I lived in Darwin and would eat paw paw all the time.
Hi Melissa! Have been thinking of you out there! Glad to see the house is standing. Bummer about the trees. Hopefully this water keeps running away and you'll be able to get out and about soon enough xox
Rachaeldaisy said…
Wow! Who invited Carlos!I'm so glad you're all okay!! You guys are so lucky that with all those trees down they didn't land on your house. Fluffy the chicken is very cute!! Congratulations on the new shop, it looks great!! And your quilt is beautiful!
Shay said…
Another piece of deliciousness from Melissa! Your quilt is so sweet!

Crazy weather up there . Glad to see you're all safe and sound albeit a little wet.
Raine and Sage said…
Hi Melissa.
Glad you are all okay up there, but looks like quite a clean up with all those trees.
Glad the pawpaws are okay, love them and are growing 2 trees myself. Not at fruit stage yet. I've never heard of anyone drying their own fruit at home. Pickling - yes, jams & chutneys - yes, but never drying. You are so industrious and resourceful. Impressed!
PS - As always gorgeous new quilt, and think your idea of using your clothwork labels is a great one. That extra special touch.
Bellgirl said…
Oh I love your chook! Mister Bell wouldn't let me get a fluffy chicken for my birthday, but since our garden flooded too only days later it was perhaps just as well. I'm thinking of using bamboo batting for a couch quilt I've been working on- what is it like?

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