How about a wonky star then?

Well, Happy New Year to you!  Hope 2011 is off to a good start , ive been getting well aquainted with my new sewing machine, i love it!  It has scissors at the push of a button which trims the threads for you, i dont know how i ever sewed without it. Truly spoilt - i know!

I finished the kaleidoscope top yesterday and asked the intended recipient Master 4 if he liked it.  He doesnt - he wants a "blue one" .  Bugger.  Doesnt matter i think it will look rather spiffy on the couch.  Ive got no idea how to quilt it though.  Stippling would be the easy option but i want to highlight the kaleidoscopes, somehow?

So since master 4 has rejected it ive been thinking about a quilt for him.  I started these blocks a while ago
- inspired by this stunning quilt 
(isnt it the cutest thing?)

I wanted to make the stars a random size to give it a falling star kinda look.  Ive ended up with different size blocks and i think trying to join them up will give me a headache! I really love the look of them though.  But then i had a brainwave and thought maybe i could make different size stars in same size blocks and came up with these.  It was just for a practice run but i am rather pleased with how they turned out and i think i will keep going with them 

I think it will give me the look im after - just need to make a blue one!


Are you some kind if quilting genius?

I say "Yes"!
Shay said…
I love wonky stars and yours look beautiful. I like the contrast fabric around the first lot you did too. How could Master 4 not love those done with blue. Go forth and make stars!

I love the kaleidoscope top too. If it looks dreadful on your lounge you could send it to me...
Marg said…
I'll put my hand up for the kaleidoscope quilt too, I love it. I usually get stuck when trying to work out what kind of quilting to do on my quilts.
The wonky stars are so cute with the fussy cut centres, fingers crossed that he'll like one in blue.
Maree: said…
Your Kaleidoscope Quilt is Gorgeous...Love the Stars too..Cute.
kirsty said…
Brilliant, i say, BRILLIANT. they all look stunning. you really are a geni-ass!

could you go around the circles in the kaleidoscope quilt to highlight them?

have a loverly day.

Oh no. far the heck out! How do you keep inventing this fantastic stuff? I cant keep up with you woman! They all look great to the enth degree and I havent even made a start on one of your quilts yet. I feel a new years resolution coming on. Of the quilting genre. Or will it be more of a revolution?
Raine and Sage said…
I know a 36 year old that would be very pleased with that quilt. Master 4 is so spoilt for choice... lucky little guy!
Kelly said…
So beautiful! I love the stars!!
Rachaeldaisy said…
I love wonky stars!! I can't believe he didn't like the Kaliedascope, a day will probably come when that'll be the quilt he wants. Great to hear you're having fun with the new sewing machine.
Holly Loves Art said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your blog is so inspiring and gorgeous! You are super talented and I love the colors you work with!

Happy New Year!
Speechless! Awesome! Love the colours! OMG you are good!
P. said…
I just love that kaleidoscope quilt!!! I've got one on my to-do list, and seeing yours makes me swoon all over again. Since hubs rejected it, feel free to send it my way! :)

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