Give... softie contribution

its been amazing to see the generosity of people not just here in Australia , but world wide wanting to help out and contribute in some way towards the devastation in Queensland caused by massive floods this past week. 

..up for auction!

There are heaps of amazing auctions and raffles popping up all over blogland at the moment with the master list for all of the auctions/raffles out this evening so go and bid your donation on one of the lovely prizes up for offer!  My little auction has already surpassed my expectations! (but im sure we can do better!)

Steph is organising some soft dollies for small people in emergency shelters who have lost everything, so maybe you can help out by making a softie and giving a small child some comfort in these difficult times.

Corrie is organising quilts to be made and given to theses families as well, and is asking for 12.5" blocks or whole quilts , whatever you can contribute.

So please go and pledge a softie or a quilt block or bid on some of these fantastic auctions and support this wonderful cause!


monkeemoomoo said…
Hi Melissa, your little doll is gorgeous. I am also hosting a dolly drive in which I'm hoping to send dolls and softies to the Lockyer Valley. I am still trying to get contacts on where to send them as these areas are totally devastated, some residents still can't return.

I'd love it if you could join in and make a dolly for us too. Perhaps you could also mention it on your blog. I have a button too. All the details are on my blog

Thanks so much:)
Bayside Rose said…
I think it's all fantastic. Bravo!!
Pam x
Rachaeldaisy said…
Thanks for this info, the dollies are a great idea!! I was planning to make a quilt or too so it's good to know who's organising it. I'm glad your auction exceeded your expectations.
Steph said…
So lovely! Thanks so much!! Wishing you a wonderful week :) x
Catherine said…
Your doll is just beautiful Melissa, she will be much loved and received. xo

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