I drew my little giveaway on Christmas Eve
 and the winner is

Thanks Renee and to everyone else who entered ,

Send me your details and i will get your prize off
to you!



kirsty said…
congratulations Renee! yay!

Congrats to the winner! What a beautiful give away!
Shay said…
Congratulations Renee! Lucky you!

Thanks for the chance Melissa. It was terrfic giveaway!
Renee said…
Thanks Melissa! Can you tell I'm very excited!
Minx's Den said…
wow!!! i love your blog!!! (I am a new visitor) you do such a great job on all of your creations!!
Ive come in here quickly to reply, sorry. The squares are just a cd cover actually Melissa. So they are 12cm by 12cm. I cant believe someone as accomplished as you would be interested in my strange attempts at quilting!

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