Happy New Year!...
do you have any plans for this evening?
The weeks leading up to Christmas i was on a crafty roll, but the days following im sad to admit ive fallen in a big heap!  Santa was kind enough to bring me a new machine and im feeling a bit guilty because i havent even really used it.  Ive got so many projects i would like to sink my teeth into but cant find motivation to do anything!  Please tell me im not the only one feeling like this!

I pulled out my kaleidoscope which i started a while back, and im hoping that leaving it out i  will summons up some motivation to complete it.  I was so sick of it when i put it away in the cupboard but i think since being reaquainted i am loving it again! Ive cut some more blocks and wouldnt it be nice to finish before the years out?  Even if its just the top? ....Hmmm ,we shall see!

Enjoy your New Year celebrations and i will catch you next year!



I've just fallen into a big heap of envy!

Don't feel guilty about having a break, Melissa. You sew enough for most of us combined!

And I'd hate for you to exhaust yourself completely that you lose the will to quilt!
Sarah B said…
I never make plans for NYE, it's just not a big thong for me but I am looking forward to 2011 being nicer to me this this year. :)
I have been trying to get crafty but all I have managed to do is buy materials! Suppose that's a start :)
Your machine and quilt both look amazing. The quilt will be brilliant when completed!
Im sewing because of the market new years day but apart from that I really feel like being in my garden lately. NOT the studio!
Patchworking is what I dream of most nights htough and not kids clothes.
I designed a quilt in my sleep the other night and its going to be amazing!
P.S. I love that quilt!
Amanda said…
You're not alone, Melissa! I've got loads of things to make and paint as the salon grows closer, but can I be bothered? No my dear! I just can't get going! Love your quilt top so much. We'll get going again soon, I'm sure. Happy New Year, dear friend. Lots of love, Amanda xxx
Marg said…
I felt like that, but today I decided to cut up some fabric for a new quilt. I had been thinking about this one for ages, it's good to finally start something new. I'm also sewing together some 2 1/2 inch squares for a cushion. I'll probably fall in a heap on the weekend.
I love your kaleidoscope quilt it is stunning.
No plans for NYE, just a quiet one.
Happy New Year.
Shay said…
I've been working (insert incredibly sad face here ) so there hasnt been stacks of craftiness eminating from Maison Pyjamas.

Out for dinner with the hubby tonight as it's our wedding anniversary. We'll probably be home by 9.30pm on the lounge in our pyjamas.

Have a great one Melissa whatever you decide to do.
sylviesgarden said…
Oh Melissa you are not alone, I've been feeling like that for a while.
I LOVE your quilt a do hope that you finish it.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year and all the best for 2011.
kasthurirajam said…
beautiful.happy new year
Rachaeldaisy said…
Happy New Year!! I hate getting a sewing lull. I've been moving house so all my sewing stuff is still in boxes, I keep sorting out other rooms first. Your Kalidascope quilt is a stunner. A new sewing machine,how many do you have now? :). Hope you had a fun New Years Eve. We sat on our deck and had lovely French champagne and delicious seafood.
kirsty said…
that's a sexy sewing machine you got there! can't wait to see all of the goodness you make with it.


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