Dont Mention The C Word

Christmas! I know, its a scary thought only 9 and a bit weeks til it rolls around again! I thought i would try and get a little bit organised. I do like to give handmade - my family are used to it after all these years! I made a couple of little note pad covers, they are really quick and easy and very cute!
I bought a couple of nice pens and some cheapie note pads from the supermarket. Im also planning to make a pillowcase each for my five nieces. Im basing it on this tutorial here, but more of a patchwork look with some of these cute ribbons and finish it with a crochet edge.
These gorgeous fabrics and trims are from Holland Fabric House on Etsy. She has such a gorgeous range! What are you making for Christmas? Ive also got plans for a superhero cape and mask, and a princess dress.
By the way , do you think i need a new cutting mat?


Better the cutting mat than your fingers! I have one of those knives and I'm petrified of it!

And those notebook covers are gorgeous. Your two kids, one man, dog, five hens and rooster must be very proud of you!
sylviesgarden said…
Ahhhhh, you mentioned it!
Love fabrics and notions that you're using.
I'm off to France to see friends and relies at Xmas. I would love to try my hand with these note book holders. They are exquisite. They would probably take me 20 hours each and would look rough. Do you have a tute?
Amanda said…
Lovely work! I'm a big fan of Holland House Fabrics too! Lots of love, Amanda xxx
The note pad covers are beeeeooootiful. Do post your pillowcases when your're done!
Andrea said…
The dreaded C word!!! I love it really!
Your notebook covers are so lovely, anyone would love to receive one I am sure,
Andrea x
Sally said…
Oh wow - they sure are gorgeous fabrics and trims. I love your idea of the notebook covers. So gorgeous and so useful. Wonderful.

I would love to know more about how you are crocheting the trim for the trim??? Looks fantastic. Really really beautiful.

Good luck with all your making...

... and now I have to go and stick my head into a paper bag and try to stop freaking out. Just 9 weeks you say?
oh you are so clever! i love those notebook covers. did you use a tutorial? would love to have a go at these. xx kel

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