Good Reason To Blog

I got a little visit today from a lovely lady Bianca from Bianca Jae makes stuff,
it was great to meet a fellow blogger who shares similar interests and appreciates handmade. She bought a bag of show and tell filled with beautiful pieces she had made, a top for a doll quilt swap a gorgeous patchwork cushion ( i wish i had taken some photos ) and a big pile of craft and quilting books i was drooling over! Bianca also makes the most beautiful hand pieced hexagons, they are truly a work of art!
Me, Kirsty, Bianca - photo taken by my 3 year old!
Kirsty ( my sister ) from Shoproomstudio came visiting too and bought a big box of homegrown produce, bananas, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato and basil - yummy. Kirsty makes the most beautiful clothes - dress's and tunics from her hand dyed doilies and tablecloths and gorgeous vintage style bloomers or pantaloons - They are so beautiful!
Isnt it good to be able to catch up with other creative souls who appreciate each others addiction for fabric and the things that they make? Its my main reason for blogging , its certainly taken craft to a new level for me and getting to meet and make new friends is an added bonus!
Lovely to meet you Bianca xxx


kirsty said…
omg, can i take my own photo next time (i'll give it to you after it has been enhanced)- no slight on the boys' photography skills of course. thanks for such a lovely day. looking forward to catching up again.

Sally said…
That is so fantastic to meet people "for real"... and yes - there is nothing better than spending time with people who "get it". I have friends who try to understand and look interested in my latest creative pursuits - but it isn't the same as spending time with people who understand it is essential to my existence.
It was so lovely to meet you!! I just love your style and colour! Thanks for having me and look forward to seeing you again next week!
What a great thing to do, it is great meeting a fellow blogger- like minded people. Bet you had a great day!
Catherine said…
Sounds like all of you had a great time meeting and talking craft. I hope you get a chance to catch up again.

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