Sew and Tell...

Its a little girls 3rd birthday tomorrow so I whipped up a little dolly blanket and pillow this morning. I used some of the scraps left over from this quilt and backed it with a lime green chenille.
Im quite pleased with how it turned out and Im sure dolly and Miss 3 will love it!
Ive also been busy making a hat. Ive been eyeing off these patterns for a while and finally got around to buying one . I made it up in a linen cotton blend and iI dont think it turned out too bad for a first attempt.
Have you tried taking a photo of yourself in the mirror? Its not as easy as it looks!
Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend.


The hat is fabulous. And the dolly quilt. And you whipped it up in just a morning? V impressive indeed!!
Kate said…
That is going to be the luckiest doll ever! What a stunning set for her.
Love the hat too. It looks great on you. Have a wonderful weekend.
kirsty said…
Wow, that hat is stunning, love it! The dolly quilt and pillow are so sweet too.

baysiderose said…
That quilt is really lovely and you made it in a morning? That hat is gorgeous. You are so talented.
Have a great weekend
busyyyyyyy! great result though.
happy birthday over there.
Bellgirl said…
Wow, it is indeed a fab hat! Have you seen Nikki's pattern review competition? you can win a voucher or, even better, more patterns!:

Very lucky doll, and sure to be a happy birthday girl!
Amanda said…
Love your quilt and your hat!!! You're a very clever girl! lots of love, Amanda xxx
Gina said…
Super hat, nice to see you in person too. What a lovely little present for a 3yo, I do wish I had the confidence to just whip something like that up.
moose and bird said…
What a great gift for a little girl and her dolly. I love all of the colours!!! And your hat looks fantastic. Very professional I think. xo
Steph said…
What a brilliant pressie! And your hat looks fab!! SO lovely to put a face to your gorgeous blog...hellooo!!! Hope you have a wonderful week full of sunshine and smiles :)
sylviesgarden said…
I love the quilt, it's lovely. I really wish I could sew straight.
Tracey said…
great hat, nice work! I adore your fabric choices for the little quilt
Kelly said…
Gorgeous doll quilt!
I can't believe you made that Hat! That is amazingly awesome!

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