A New Project

I bought this gorgeous quilt pattern off Etsy a little while ago, and I'm itching to get started on it . It's only a lap size quilt and I would like to adapt it into a queen size for my sweet sisters 40th birthday in August. She'll be reading this so "Hello Kirsty!". (No surprises around here.)
I'm going to use all my different fabrics including vintage sheets so will have a project for my sheets from the Vintage sheet FQ swap straight up. I've been busy ironing all of these in preparation for the swap, a few there havent made the cut - just too thin - which is a shame. Does anyone have any ideas for using these thin fabrics?

Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend!
P.S. " Happy Mothers Day "to all the mums out there!


Kate said…
That sheety ring is divine! You have some gorgeous sheets in there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Kelly said…
Love the sheets like that! With the sheets that are too thin, If they are big enough, they would probably be perfect for pj shorts or nighties, living "up there" they might even cut it for the cold weather lol!
Tracey said…
gorgeous colour wheel - if that does not get you excited to quilt, nothing will - looking forward to watching your progress xx
kirsty said…
OMG, I had no idea that you planned to make anything like this, can you hurry up already. AND, who said anything about 40!! Hmmmm..... it's only ok because now someone decided that the new 20 is 40. That means i'm looking twice as good or something doesn't it??

Ummm Ive never done it but will when I need to. I suggest backing them with iron on stiffening (the thinnest so they dont end up like starch feeling) to use for quilting or bags would suit.
Bellgirl said…
The FQs look scrumptious! Perhaps a lightweight skirt or pillowcase dress with the thin sheets! PJs is a good idea too, I might use one of my sheets for that!

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